Rebuilding the fun.


About time… The JZZ30 Soarer build

So Last year, around the same time June ? July, ages ago …… i posted a picture of a JZZ30 Soarer sitting in the back yard of the old “OGC” where i used to live.

I purchased a JZZ30 that popped up on local sales for $800. The guy selling it was… well lets just say, it was his sons car…. Regardless it was a bargain, it wasnt registered, he believed it had a “BLOWN MOTOR FOR SURE” so i brought tools and fluids with me and started it all up and got it running, It wasnt a “BLOWN MOTOR” at all, in fact it was nothing more than the PS pump was whining from no fluid and the timing belt was old as shit clacking around. The car was totally thrashed out body/interior wise by some kid, not that i cared as i was going to lighten the load a bit once i got it home anyway..

I drove the car to OGC and got to work. As usual i invited over some crew to help rip apart what was left of the already garbage interior and body

We estimated that we removed around 200KG – 250KG of luxury from the JZZ30. Combined of the entire wiring of the whole car, all ECU’s, all interior, dash, aircon parts, and sound deadening.

Motor of Choice ?
JZX100 1JZGTE – VVTI with R154 remote shift manual.
I scored this package (all pre-removed from the halfcut) from Mr Mayhem Maytech himself.
Very happy with price and quality, the motor has approx 111,500 kms on it from a crashed JZX100 Chaser.

After a quick sump swap from Front JZX100 to Mid JZZ30 the motor was ready to slide on in.
We installed it using Holden (GM Chev) LS1 engine mounts which are pretty much the same as any other after market semi solid mounts.

With the motor swap complete, a friend of mine sorted himself out a new workshop location, deemed the “Big Steveos 600 Club” half run by “Borneo’s Race Prep”

Next up:
Installation of a S13 Ebay Special twin core alloy radiator and Apexi (jp) cooler flipped for shorter piping!

A big power steering cooler was added along with a big open mouth air intake to push air towards the Radiator and Intercooler as they sat so far back in the engine bay.

I made up a switch panel for all accessories i will need when on track, basic as, less complicated the better as my friend Matt Capp would say.
And before putting it all back in, i gave the interior a new clean slick of Red Rustkill Delicious RED ! (Same as my old Big Red MZ11)

Along came some Bride Lowmax Seats and a set of ROTA D2-EX wheels in 18×9.5 +15 and 18×10 +15

With the interior looking very “race car” i had to get started on sanding the outside and putting some more Rustkill all over the big JZZ30

So once painted, looking pretty cool . It was time to get back into mechanics.
The JZZ30 needed to be able to shift its huge weight around a track , and to do so, a Solid rear end is required.
First i welded up the diff as usual, yeah, i work a good job now and i should spend $1000 on a 2Way TRD or KAZZ but really, ive drifted for 5-6 years with a “WELDED” diff, im used to it and im ok with it.

And the subframe from 1991 was used and worn, solid subframe bushes and diff bushes is 100% the way to go !

A few weeks went by when Hollys family came over to Australia from New Zealand, we traveled all around Western Australia with them giving them a good tour.
Sometimes we found the middle of nowhere :

Back in the workshop the exhaust was made by one of W.A.’s top drifters Borneo

While i completed the interior and wiring with the help of the one and only Matt Capp a.k.a. The Genius

Almost DONE!

Another friend of mine Matthew Booker at Tyreright did an awesome wheel alignment for me with the specs i wanted

The car was ready, i brought it home to rest at the new home that Holly and I recently purchased in the northern suburbs of Perth.

The JZZ30 continues to hang with othe cool cars like Hollys brother Loch ‘s JZX90 Grande , and a friend Morgan’s GZ10 :

The first shakedown test was awesome, but came with a few oil issues which i must sort:


More updates VERY soon, with videos and a new car to add to the bunch !

Hope you enjoyed my semi-breif update, i want to try and get back into this blog updating more often . Fingers crossed this happens!



Rebuilding the fun again ?




More to come.



Its been a while: Welcome to 2013

Well its been a while since I’ve updated this blog.
9 months have gone by in a flash! Ive really got used to my new fly-in fly-out job up in the Northern parts of Western Australia. On my time off, i generally don’t use a computer as i have so much to do that involves going outside and not sit on my ass in front of a screen! Hence, the no updates!


Ive got a chance now to post up whats been happening over 9 months of life.

The Cresta going great! … I ended up putting in BC coilovers which i picked up brand new for $1200. They have a load of adjustability which is cool for street daily driving. with 12kg front at 8kg rear the same as the MA61 setup. I just drop the dampener a fair bit for comfort.

IMG_20120616_154214IMG_20120616_165922Cresta CarparkToyota GX71 Cresta coFF33 dash

I placed in some Pioneer TS-X15II ‘s to the rear shelf of the GX71 Cresta, They are 100W so they sound pretty good (not all old and tinny!) and not only that…

Cresta Speakers Pioneer TS-X15II

They light up at night !

Cresta carpark 2

During July i realized that due to work commitments and my general annoyance towards the way drift is being run in Perth i sold my JZA61 Celica Supra.
It was tough to let the best, most reliable 1JZ-GTE ive ever seen.. go…. However, it was for the best!
Currently a gent “Nathan B” in QLD owns the car and is enjoying the fruits of my and many others labor.

JZA61FrontsideJZA61 RoadpicIMG_20120924_120335

After I sold the JZA61, Holly and I decided to throw a 1GGTE into her MA61. So i picked up a cheap score from a friend!
1GGTE – Gen 3 from a GA70 Supra! came with everything we needed to put it in, and lucky for me i had some spare GZ10 mounts sitting in my shed!
Hollys GA61 runs great now! after installing some bigger AU-Ford Falcon fans, just as i did in the JZA61 to keep the temps down!
HollySupra1GGTEHolly coFF33 Supra Celica GA61 MA61 1GGTE

I scored some Enkei HR385’s which ive wanted for SUCH a long time. I saw them in 2006 when my friend MattAE86 had a set. We test fitted on my first Cresta just for some pics (SEE NOSTALGIC THREAD)
Enkei HR385 Soarer Supra Cresta coFF33 drift Blog

After spending a day getting some new rear tyres for them, i popped them on the MZ11 !
MZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style Blog

I then spotted someone “wrecking” a MZ11 Soarer on “Gumtree” which is a local internet site , similar to Craigslist.
I went to check it out and ended up buying the entire interior and a new bootlid !
After a heap of hard work and sweating it out i managed to remove all the Tan brown interior and replace it with black!
Then i got to work on the Bootlid! Which also turned out awesome ! :)
MZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style BlogSoarer interiorMZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style Blog

As you can see, not a heap has happened , but enough to warrant a post :)
I do miss the drift car sometimes. But being debt free and saving for some travel to Thailand and U.S.A this year will be worth it! .

Ill try and update again sooner than 9 months thats for sure!


Back in the game!

Wow what a break!

Sorry about the no updates (i have been getting your emails)
I recently was blessed with a job working up north of Western Australia for a company called Fortescue Metals Group, Who mine iron ore to send away to china!

Ive been doing week on week off swings and due to missing a week of normal life in Perth i have a lot to do and catch up on when im home for my week. This meant the blog had to suffer.

But im starting to find my groove now and i think ill bring this up to speed with whats been happening over the last month or so.

The Cresta sat for about a week after my last update, I found the struts for the bonnet at my local auto store (Odin Auto parts), they fitted perfectly. I then found a spare rack boot i bought back in 2009? for the Z20 soarer, Which fit like a charm. Threw it all together and went to the pits. Easy ………

$140 later and a 1 hour drive with a 3 hour wait. I failed.

The report said :
1. Rack end on drivers side has play
2. Numberplate lights were not functioning
3. Bonnet Latch was not completely latching (easy to pop up the bonnet by hand when fully closed)
4. Middle rear seatbelt required !

So i fixed up all these issues in about 24 hours and went back for round 2

This time i was there for only 1 hours for a re-inspection ,, $60 later …………….

I’d won the game!

Of course , Dim sum in our own VIP room at Dragon Palace in the city, With Holly, Kev, Munners, Ben Parrott, Nicole, Loch (Hollys bro whos moved here from NZ! :) ) to celebrate!”

Popped some MA61 springs into the rear with the already existing bilstein shocks. and Ryobi’ed 1.5 coils from the front springs.
Threw on my housemates Volk Mesh 15x7j / 7.5j  -/+ Zero. To roll around on until the money starts rolling in from my job!
Coilovers are on the way.

Went on a cruise, with my mates Dan and Josh, GX71 Chaser , JZX71 Cressida. Good times!


More updates when i get back to normal life and the coilovers arrive!

GX71 Cresta GT Twin Turbo


The Chrome trim is back on! The bonnet is also back on!
Im unable to find any bonnet struts (Gas struts like most toyotas have to lift the bonnet) in my garage that fit the bonnet…. For the record MZ11 and MA61 are completely different and foul on the fender walls. So im going to have to go buy some new ones from my local parts store… Or make up a metal stick bonnet support (nissan style lol) to hold it up, but thats pretty lazy i guess.
1 steering rack boot to go and im ready for registration!

Its like a happy 1GGTE 1980’s family!

Windscreen Winning

A big thankyou to H & L Glass of Perth, for sourcing me a GX71 Windscreen from some unknown place over east.
It was a rare one, there was 2 left in this … *ahem* “DODGY CHINESE FACTORY” … and i scored one of them.

$500 Later, i no longer need to cover the car with a tarpaulin. A few more steps to go until i can go for rego.
Very excited.

Big red

Seeing as im STILL waiting on a windscreen for the X71 Cresta, i thought id clean up the paint on the Soarer, Hollys brother Loch will be coming over from New Zealand to Perth to live for as long as he can stand the heat… and ive decided to let him borrow the MZ11 for as long as he needs it. He’s a Toyota mechanic by trade so hopefully he will take good care of it, and if any problems occur, its an easy fix to take it to his workshop.

Anyway, Holly and i got to sanding the car on Saturday, 80grit , 120grit, 280grit paper with our random orbital sanders, Rust Kill paint is VERY hard to remove and where the “cracks” or “peeling” was on the bonnet and roof sections, even harder!
Saturday peaked at 40 degrees c, around 10/11 am in which we were in direct sunlight in the driveway because the garage was full of “project” cars of my housemates and we couldnt use it.

After heaps of sanding we were done around 4pm . We were tired as hell but had to push on. We taped the car windows and bumpstrips and badges etc. And put paper all over the glass.
Prepped it up for painting which i was going to complete on Sunday morning bright and early.

Sunday morning i got up around 7:30am to get started, after a Rockstar and a few Cigarettes to steady my hands i got to work. One more wipe over with prepsol and it was go time!


Before you comment saying “is that rust on the bootlid?” , YES, yes it is. Reason being is that its a spare bootlid i have put on while im repairing my original. The amount of rust in 99% of Z1 series soarer bootlids is just crazy. Same as the MA61 celica supra’s hatches rusting out. The MZ11 has suffered the same fate.
So while i figure out how to fix my original with my wing, Its the spare for a little while (im already missing my wing :( )

While I waited for the paint to dry, which being rustkill was going to take ALL-FRIKKIN-DAY. Holly, The usual crew of Munners, Kev, Nicole and Ben Parrott, and I all went to a different Dim Sum place in a suburb called “Warwick”

This pic makes me so hungry. I want to smash 20 pork buns in my face.

After the paint was all dry i took the car for a drive, as id actually missed it all weekend, haha . This is at Hollys house. Holly and I were so pleased with our efforts!!

Clay my housemate thought the paintjob was so good that he blessed my car with a sticker that ive been rocking. Thanks Clay!

Hopefully in the next 24-48 hours i hear from the Windscreen guys, so i can FINALLY get the Cresta driving! .

Updates soon.


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