MZ11 pipes with JZS171W Processing

Another few weeks off work over and done with.
This time I managed to get the MZ11 Soarer exhaust completed thanks to the awesome work by :
Garry at “Custom Exhaust Specialists” in Perth.
Garry was amazing to chat with and really understood what i was after.
I spent some time explaining about half of what i was wanting on the MZ11 and he was already finishing my sentences. Garry knew what i was after as he had owned old Toyota and Nissan vehicles in the past and knew the exact sound and style i wanted.

An early morning tow to the shop:

The next morning i went and collected the MZ11. Started it up in Garry’s workshop and heard the sound i was after !
Stainless steel 2.25″ from the extractors through to a straight through stainless oval muffler, 2.25″ inlet and 2×1.5″ outlets!

I also ordered a new steering wheel from Yahoo Japan, as my awesome woodgrain Nardi that Holly bought me 4-5 years ago had developed a small split, although totally repairable I thought it was time to update with a smaller size wheel too!

I scored this “Tornado” wheel from Yahoo in Pearl Metallic white :

I think it looks GREAT with the red/white paint job and black interior. 🙂

I then spent a few hours on the JZS171W Athlete headlights. After reading a minkara blog post by “Tim @ Dosanko” : Here
I purchased some CCFL rings from Yahoo Japan to install into the Athlete headlights. 

I started to seperate them using the trusty heat gun and a plastic tipped screwdriver.

The Passenger headlight came apart fine! The process took around 20 minutes,  however the drivers headlight lens had a cloudy / yellow hase on it..

I needed to wet sand the plastic lens as i did in a previous post with my Royal headlights. This time i purchased a full kit for use with a power drill. 

The kit consisted of 2x 800 grit, 2x 1500 grit and 2x 2000 grit sand paper pads and a soft pad drill attachment.
And to finish the polishing, a powerball attachment and compound paste.

After 800 grit:

After 1500 grit :

After 2000 grit + some light polishing with the powerball:

The kit worked very well…. and i cant wait to use it on my Royal headlights too!
Sadly for the drivers side athelete headlight. The light still had some haze to it. I wasnt happy with the final result. I could not remove the haze enough to make it crystal clear like the passenger light. Even after repeating the process twice.
I think there is UV Light damage inside the plastic. 😦

I willl find another second hand light on Yahoo Japan and get it sent over eventually… LINK!…..

On the last day of my break the weather was terrible. Heavy rain and VERY cold. I had a few hours up my sleve and thought i’d complete the dash black-out that i had wanted for some time now.
Removal and disassembly of the dash was needed.

The dash was so easy to take apart, just a lot of care is needed.
reassemble after painting

Photos dont do it justice. So here is a video .. which is a bit more clear….

In the video you can see the “TAIL LIGHTS OUT WARNING” flashing when i depress the brake pedal. This is due to me removing the piece of black electrical tape , covering the LED inside the dash. Which is somewhat of a concern, So i checked every single light globe…….. and found no issues.

However the warning light remains! unsure of what has caused the fault! 😦 more Minkara Carview reading for me !  here is a section of the owners manual :

There is also the “auto headlight alignment” warning light on as well, which was covered with black tape the same as the taillight out warning, which i also need to figure out how to fix. See below:

Thats about it for this update…..
Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully next break i can get the CCFL install completed on the passenger headlight and a few other little bits ! .

More soon.


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