Rebuilding the MZ11, Picture Perfect

Ahhh, three weeks off work was amazing!
Time flew by, loads of fun at home with the girlfriend and friends. Turned 30 years old and had an awesome party and got spoilt by Holly!

I also managed to get a fair amount of car fun done!

Back to where i left off….
I received a call from Paul the painter, who said its time to come and collect the Soarer.
I had still not seen the car in the flesh, only a few pictures here and there.. I Arrived at Bozz’s workshop to find an amazing result!
Pauls dedication and time he had put in really showed! Every dent, deep scratches and warped panels were all amazing!

I was so happy!
I quickly put the car on the trailer and got it home to start installing all the parts that were removed for the paintjob!
Starting with the front bumper sides pieces, headlights and rainbow indicators

The side moulding lines were painted perfectly, they all matched up as they should and the chrome was not touched! 🙂
I was still in awe at how perfect Paul had completed the car for me!

I installed the tail lamps which i purchased from YJP through Jesse. These were second hand items obviously, but very well looked after! They still had a new looking shine to them and the plastics were not distorted or faded or cracked!

Time to install the BC coilovers !
First i removed the S13 suspension that i had been running for around 4-5 years now.

The S13 suspension worked alright, binding of the tierods and rack ends was very irritating, but for a simple replacement to make the car low, it was enough. The MX73 BC Coilovers and MA61 lower control arms will make a huge difference.
Next was to install new MA61 Rack ends and Tie Rods onto the MZ11 steering rack.

Installation of the BC coilovers was a complete breeze. After months of working on a JZS171 Crown its nice to get back to the simplistic 80’s Toyota designs …
Test fitted the SSR Formula Mesh 14×8.5J -10 on the front.

Onto the rear end !
I removed the KYB shock and spring setup. Which were still in really good condition with no leaks and a good rebound.
Measured out the KYB Shock and matched the BC Coilover shock to the same length.
Installation was a breeze again, maybe even more so with the rear than the front, seeing as its a simple swapout.

Back on the ground. I wasn’t happy with the height, I measured the S13 coilovers and KYB Excel-G’s before i removed them, then and set the height of the MX73 BC coilovers to the same measurement. However as the mounting points of the S13 gear is completely different to the MX73 mounting points, and the KYB shocks compress a lot more, the measurements were void. Lucky the BC coilovers have so much adjustibility, it will get lower soon!

The interior needed a good clean after paint dust had blown through bits and pieces.
However it is now super comfy and has that 80’s/90’s feel thanks to the new Recaros!

A few pieces of JZS171 parts arrived the next day from Jesse. I just had to get the Royal grill on asap!

At the same time, i thought id try and clean my Royal headlights some more. As they still have the yellowing that all plastic lights get when they are not maintained. The Crown being 14 years old, has a fair amount of buildup.
I purchased Turtle Wax – Headlight lens restorer.

First the tougher cleaning using the Turtle Wax pads , which appear to be like 3000grit sand paper pads. There are 4 different pads which get finer and finer grit as you go through each stage.

Final stage is to use what looks like a really really fine cut and paste compound.
Again with the Mothers “Powerball” and drill i got to work :

To show the difference, I did not clean/restore my passenger side light. You can see in this next pic that it does 100% make a difference.
Drivers side is clean, Passenger side still has yellowing!
Maybe one more round with the process will have them looking clear and new!

A rear wagon shot for good measure! :

A week or so later, I got back to work on the MZ11 , Chin spoiler was the next feature to be installed, and the BC Coilovers lowered and set correctly for damper and spring.

Adding the Zenki 1981 grill completes the front end!
Maybe a little more low is needed? – But then i wouldnt be able to get into my driveway due to the kerb 😦 ¯\(°_o)/¯

Next week my mate Morgan moved in with us, He also owns a 1985 GZ10 Soarer.
Amazing condition with only two tiny little rust marks appearing around the bootlip. At some point a New Zealand person owned the car and the car has a few “TEAM SHHH!” and C’s Garage stickers.
The 1G-GE is still really healthy and he drives the car to and from work daily!
Soon to be changed over to a 1JZ-GTE VVTI motor.

The last week of my time off work Matt Capp came over with his project 180SX which had just been recently repainted. It was SO clean! Great to finally see it washed, cleaned and in the flesh!

Matt convinced me to continue with the idea of a re-vamped 6M-GE (3.0L 5M-GE) to install into the MZ11. As ive completed the exterior to be correct, i might as well complete a motor to fit. The original idea of using Holly’s brothers 1JZ-GE from his JZX90 went down the drain and work started on the 6M-GE.

Here it is after i bought it and gave it a bit of a wash…

I have since purchased a complete 5M-GE seal kit from the USA.
Replaced: Front oil seal, Cam seals, Oilpump seal, Cam tower gaskets, Cam cover gaskets, Rear main seal, Power steering pump, Intake Manifold, Exhaust manifold and mant other items.

I chose to keep the cam covers a bright red. So i took them to a sand blasting place near my house and had them completely stripped back. I then repainted them with high temp red engine enamel and sanded back the top embossing.

Hopefully my next trip home i can remove the 1GGTE and convert the car back to the 99% original 6M-GE
(yes i know, not 100% original 5M-GE but 6M-GE is better anyway! )
Install the rear under split spoiler and a few other items.

I will also be attempting to reconnect all the air conditioning and installing my Carrozzeria speakers!

Updates soon!


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