2016 – TCR20W

Back again for a new year, 3 months in and 4 months since last update!

Since the last update, I have managed to complete the Department of Transport’s puzzle which they laid out on the table for me. It wasnt hard in the end, it was just a lot of waiting…


Holly estima Papers
With the Approval coming through Early Jan 2016^^ . I moved quickly onto Engineering.

After some minor searching to find an engineer worth of the giant pearl egg bean, it appeared Dan Pitic was the best guy in my area to speak to.

Adrian (Dan) PITIC

Ph. (08) 9307 1436
Fax. (08) 9307 1046
Mob. 0419 931 022
Email. apitic@bigpond.net.au

I called him, had a decent conversation and he was VERY happy to talk on the phone about what i was after. Which is surprising as most people in the vehicle / mechanic / engineering field that I am aware of, are generally pretty short with you when on the phone and just want you to “bring it in and ill check it out” ….


Met Dan at a local workshop around 8am January 7th. Left the van with him to look over. Initially he was semi confused as he was expecting some sort of modification, I reminded him again, that it was engineering for factory seats and coilovers… he was relieved…. haha.

Went and jumped on the weighbridge at my local recycling plant to get some weights for Dan.

He submitted all of my engineering report there and then on that day


Once i got home it was time to fit some parts. Starting with the headlights to plastic lens kouki models, the later model grill and “mask panel” which sits below the lights and grill.
To complete this i had to cut into the front radiator support as the rear of the kouki lights are kinda different:

Here I have removed the original mask panel, lights, grill and bumper

IMG_20151201_190305IMG_20151201_190314I had to cut out this semi-large section (marked with pen) behind each light to allow the kouki lights to fit.

headlamp hole
😮 !!!!
Popped the lights in, they all bolted up easy and there the van sat for a while, MUCH BETTER!

A couple of weeks later. The DPI again sent me some snail mail with their approval and to formally invite me back to Osborne Park licencing center for re-inspection.
I arrived, the car was checked again and approved for registration there on the spot.
“Bob” who inspected the car , advised he was “Happy to see a young man do the right thing for a change and get a vehicle engineered when asked, rather than trying to mask things or swap parts out to pass”

Bam ! Passed with flying colours!

I put on my SSR Zweel wheels, 18x8j +45 which sat pretty nice. The van was really starting to take shape ! (An Egg shape?)

It was time for a trip to my local Bunnings underground carpark for a few phone pictures, so i can compare the van later, when i have added all the special bits and pieces, not to mention LOWER it a bit.


Now the van had registration, it was time for some maintenance.
I emailed Jesse Streeter and asked him to order me some Toyota Supercharger oil, which seemed to be un-available in Australia… I guess the only real Australian Toyotas which were supercharged being the TRD Aurion and the TRD Hilux. Maybe Toyota Australia considered the supercharger oil was not something commonly serviced by Toyota Australia on these two vehicles ?

I read how to reach the supercharger oil drain and oil filler thanks to Minkara Carview as always. Here: http://minkara.carview.co.jp/en/userid/157729/car/268611/485254/note.aspx

It was quite a simple procedure, although very tight and hard to reach!

Next, an oil and filter change !
IMG_20160318_092923~2IMG_20160318_093410This was from the Maintenance Handbook, recommending SAE 10W-30 for the 199x Estima with a 2TZ-FZE Supercharged engine. 5.8 Litres total !!! THATS A LOT OF OIL!

Purchased my favorite oil, Penrite !
10W-40 (the extra 10 is for the stupid heat we have in Australia)

The oil change is odd to do. I’ve never owned a van before so it felt odd to be pouring oil on the interior !!! I thought i’d best use a funnel this time! Engine filler easily accessible under the passenger seat … lol

It was then time to increase the volume inside the car.
Opened up the fusebox in the center of the dash to find two PERFECT spots for 10″ 2-Ways! So i moved the factory Toyota GPS module out of the way, as i was no longer using the factory head unit. Then moved the large 40AMP breaker fuse down below the dash rather than mounted in the 2nd 10″ hole.

Installed some 10″ Pioneer 2-ways in the fusebox lid !

Pioneer Bluetooth Mirrorlink  !

Pioneer 6×9- 3-way 400W Speakers for the rear connected to a Pioneer Gm-x334 amp

IMG_20160205_1546312 x 10″ Pioneer TS-W235F woofers in the rear. Connected to a Pioneer GM-A6604

The car was awesome to drive now, loads of sound, some semi-decent wheels, coilovers stiffened up !
What was missing ?

Yeah the captains chairs are cool, but you need that center console feeling when driving a giant pearl egg. So i found this little (big!) guy on Yahoo and asked Jesse to send it on over!

Perfect! Storage space and extra cup holders!

The next step was to fit my big wing which i bought and arrived even before the car did ! haha. But first, i found this genuine black Toyota badge on ebay which i think looks mint!


Then installed my big new wing ! Professionally painted in Pearl White 042 by Punk @ Northside Panel & Hydrographics . Such amazing work , Highly recommended !!! FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/northsidehydrographics/



Some more updates soon, waiting on Maytech’s container to arrive from Japan with more goodies inside!


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