Rebuilding The Big Red – Phaze 2

Hey All,
Over the last two months the MZ11 has moved into a paintshop to have a final cleanup and fixup. The mismatched colours and panels needed some work before i “do this right” for the first time since owning the car.

At the yard I found a 1992/1993 Toyota Corolla, once owned by somone who loves Shirtstuckedin !

A few days after being back up at work, pictures were sent to me of the progress!
After a few rub backs the initial guide-coat was put on to see what condition the lines of the car were like.
Paul and Bozz put a mist of black over the primer and rubbed it all back again to find the high and low spots.

Then the MZ11 was moved into an actual covered booth for further prep work and body work.
Then another “first official coat” of primer after many many lines bumps and low spots were fixed!

Paul who is paiting the car, had a fair amount of difficulty with the amount of set-in rust kill in some panels, especially the bonnet vent/squirters and the rear quater body line. Another strip and clean of many areas was needed. The rear 1/4s got taken back to metal and he started again with filler and paint. After all, i did tell Paul to get it nice ! looks like he really did!

Over the next week I spent at home having a fiddle with the JZS171W Crown suspension. Although it was nice to have the cornering ability of the Cusco Zero-2 coilovers, the comfort just wasnt there.
The Cusco coilovers had 18KG Swift front springs, mixed with original 7KG Cusco rear springs. Which made for a bumpy ride at times on our below average roads here in Perth.

A long time friend Nikko Joe (Tom V) who previously owned a Lexus GXE10 IS200 had a set of Buddyclub coilovers for sale that i thought would run nice in the JZS171W. With softer springs and dampners 10KG front and 6KG rear i thought swapping them out was a good idea!

I contacted Nikko Joe and grabbed them off him for a great price! They were in very decent condition.

The ride of these ended up being PERFECT! , bumps in the road are no longer felt and inconsistencies in road angle here and there is no longer a problem as the Crown floats over them with ease!

A week up at work found me grabbing some more parts from Japan via Jesse Streeter, Both for the MZ11 and the JZS171W

200mm Shifter

Clear Rainbow indicator lens

Drivers and Passengers MZ/GZ/GX – LX Series rails

To Fit my 1991 Recaro LX-C Seats !

An 6M-GE Air flow meter!

And last but not least, a set of MZ11 Limited very very clean tail lamps and centre garnish!
グレード    2,8GT LIMITED
車体番号    MZ11-013329
エンジン型式    5M-GEU
走行距離      108539Km

Then for the JZS171W Crown :

A steering wheel with cruise control (Was going to just buy cruise control alone, however this was cheaper!)

A later model Royal horn pad with the Crown badge emblem

Some JZS171W headlamp eyelids for my Royal style headlights!

A 2002 Royal model Grill. All chrome with white and gold emblem

Late Feb early Apr i got some tyres fitted up to the SSR Formula Mesh at Tyreright Wangara by my friend Matthew Booker!

I wanted some trusty Bridgestone rubber on these, but was also on a little bit of a budget. I decided MY-02 Sports will be good enough for the MZ11.
14×8.5J with 185/60R14
14x9J with 195/60R14

While i was getting the tyres fitted. I had the pleasure of seeing Stephen “MOMO” Morando’s early 70’s  model :164 Volvo
The car was setup with airbag suspension and a 1JZGTE ! He even took me for a ride around the streets with it. Amazing car!

Early April had come around, and Paul had finished the final prep of the MZ11 and had the fresh white coat down!

Im hoping he will be done with the two tone job soon and ill have the car back ready for its complete re-birth!

So that wraps up two months gone by!

More updates soon !


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