TCR20W Processing – MZ11 Injectors

Hi All,

Over the week I managed to have a bit of a tinker with both the Estima and the Soarer.


A package of Estima parts arrived from Mr Jesse Streeter a few days before i returned home for my break. This was another set of headlights, a rear seat headrest (which was missing when i purchased the van) and a Tanabe G-tec adjustable panhard rod.


The headlights were SUPER clean, just as the seller described. I still gave them a rub-down with a bit of Pikal metal polish, just get the layer of smog off the top coat.

IMG_20160331_083156 IMG_20160331_083145

I planned on blacking out the internal Chrome and installing an LED strip similar to the AUDI Style switching White/Amber for indicators. First was to open the headlights. A long time ago , I put my old GZ20 Soarer plastic headlights into an oven at a low temp for 5-10 minutes which warmed the Toyota lens glue. This time i thought i would be a bit more careful and use a heat-gun to apply the heat only to the seal area and then attempt to pry them open.

A screw on the back of the headlight was to be removed first,


Then Apply heat to the seal areas


A very slight / careful pry with a flat blade screw driver, along with lifting the small plastic lock tabs.


Followed by some careful pulling the front lens away from the rear housing, and hey PRESTO!


Then to remove the chrome inner surround from the lens, again just lifting a few plastic locking tabs and lifting it out.


These are the two LED tubes I purchased in 2015, I was going to install them into the JZS171 Crown headlights, but never did.


So i trimmed a section of around 10mm off the end of each one and test fitted them into the headlights. Using the original “parker” light T10 plug on the rear of the headlight to route the wiring for the LED tubes.


Just to make sure the inside of the lens was clean, i gave it a rub down with anti-fog wipes.


Starting to look good !


Time for the black coat, I decided i didnt want to use gloss black, as it might have reflected the light, so my most hated colour was used, Matte Black. Although for this application, it will not mirror any light.

Off with the lens again :


Cleaned the chrome up with some wax and grease remover, then laid down a few coats and let them dry in the sun.


The re-seal was just the reverse of the opening, using the heatgun again to re-heat the glue around the housing so it became “tacky” and then pressed the lens back into the headlight.

I was pleased with how they came out.


The next step was to fit them. Again with the TCR Series you must remove most of the front face of the van just to remove the headlights. This means, grill, bumper, bumper re-enforcement , mask panel.
Once they are all removed its only a few screws to remove the headlights….

Original vs Blacked-out:


On with the new…..


While i had the front indicators out, I thought i would try and complete the same task and remove the clear lens, paint some of the inside chrome black too, just to match the headlights… again, using the heat-gun.


However, after prying a few times the glue seal was REALLY not happy. It was not getting hot enough to get “tacky” and each pry with the flat-blade screwdriver was making “cracking” sounds… so I decided i wont continue with prying to avoid cracking the plastic backing or the lens.

Next week I thought i would try the classic oven trick of slow warming them up to 80degrees and then attempt to pry.


Pretty happy with the work so far on the front end, it will only look better once the body kit arrives in May, and of course, once i black out the insides of the side indicators.


Later in the week, I wanted to get the MZ11 running again. Not that it wasn’t able to run, I wanted to go for a drive in it.


But first, the fuel in the tank was from ~October 2015…. 5 months ago. So once again, time to dump that expired junk out of the tank and into a container…


After a re-fill with my local BP’s finest 98ron, I powered the MZ11 up which switched on the fuel pump relay, only to find a strong fuel smell coming from the engine bay.

I quickly isolated the battery and started having a look over …


Which turned out to be leaking injector seals…. and not just weaping, absolutely pouring out.
This was quite confusing, as I’d purchased and installed new Toyota OEM seals for the injectors in 2015 when I repo’d the 6M-GE on the engine stand before putting it in the car. :@

Oh well, maybe a combination of old fuel and sitting around for 5 months might have caused the rubber to break down ?? Although I would have thought Toyota OEM seals would last years regardless of the conditions the engine sits around in..

I knew at this point I could attempt to remove the rail and injectors to see if I could find any issues before going and purchasing new seals right away.. So off with the plenum we go..


Not a real hard job, just a few bolts here and there which require a few bits of foul language to be thrown at them before they wanted to play ball … haha

Safety first :


Then it was off with the fuel system, If any of you reading have had a fiddle with 1G/5M/6M/4AG original, 1980’s injector plugs, then you know how careful and tedious the next step is…. those 30+ year old brittle connectors are just so annoying !
I only broke 1 of the 6 (bottom left of pic… and yes, i cleaned up the sandyness before continuing)


With the (sand covered!) Injectors removed, it was time to give them a scrub and check out the seals…


Most of the injector insulators looked alright, with the exception of #6
Which looked slightly crushed, and the fuel rail grommet looked even worse, near on decomposing…


It was lucky that I had a couple of spare grommets in my toolbox, I swapped the dead ones out, and then purchased some $5 rubber grease from my local autoshop. Re-lubed up all the rubber parts surrounding the injectors.


I lubed up the insulators, the o-rings and the grommets in hope that a re-seating the lubed up rubber parts in the rails maybe re-create that pressure seal that had failed…


Sadly this was not the case…..


So I have now ordered new seals from Toyota, next week, once the new injector seals arrive i will repeat the process all over again and then finally take it for a drive!
And also counting down to May for the Estima Parts to arrive!!

More soon …..


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