Rebuilding the Big Red – Phaze 3 – almost complete

Hey All, Last time i was home, i managed to get the coilovers sorted with the help from my friend Matt Capp. The Coilovers are BC V1 for MX73 Cressida. I purchased them from which is located in NSW. Not a bad price, I have been always running them on the drift cars ive had (z20/Z30/A61) and they never fail. The difference with these, much like the MX83 coilovers you can purchase. Is that the original factory OEM stub axel must be used in the process. Removal of caliper, top hat, spring, shock, rotor, hub and all the oil from inside the strut has to be completed. Once apart, Matt Capp cut down the strut to 1 inch from the base, this allows us to weld on the coilover with more room for the base adjust to bottom out. We then use the base of the BC V1 coilover and the stub and weld them together ! Here they are completed. Only took us around an hour casually working on them. I will combine them with new Rack ends and Tie Rods. So that everything can feel new ! 🙂 Soon to be installed along with everything else as the paint job is complete and the car is no longer at the paint shop !!!!! (teaser) Next update soon, I have 3 weeks off work starting 28/04/15 and plenty to do.


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