MZ11 自然吸気最高 !

Hi All,
Found myself with two weeks off work again thanks to a roster change. I thought the two weeks off would be a great time to complete the 6M-GE conversion on the MZ11.

With all the oil seals replaced and the engine nicely painted a few weeks prior. I was ready to remove the 1GGTE.
The Generation 3 1GGTE was a great little motor. Dont get me wrong, its no 1JZ-GTE however it was just enough power and had that “cool” turbo whistle all the cool kids were raging about in 1992.
As i had completed a red/white two tone paintjob, found 1990s Recaro seats and really early original SSR 14 inch wheels. I thought i might as well scrap the 1JZ-GE idea and put and old original style 6M-GE back in the car, and we all know how nice a high RPM rev of an N/A engine sounds with an exhaust to match!

Its a risk, as i didnt really know much of the history with this engine. I found a LOT of information on the forums, although being American, and a lot of items they talk about were different to Japan/AUS it was indeed helpful.

First: Breakfast!

Second , remove the 1GGTE which Matt Capp and a bunch of old friends helped me install around 6 years ago in 2009.

I always laugh and praise Toyota for designing the removeable radiator support panel. Did they know these cars would last longer than the engines? Maybe ? Regardless… Very helpful!

ECU and Engine harness / loom removed. Engine mounts / gearbox mounts unbolted. Your time is done here 1GGTE.

Sitting awaiting a friend to collect and transplant into an RA28 Celica!

And we have a classic Golden 1981 MZ11 empty engine bay again. Covered in years of road grime, oil and grease.

I got the trusty Karcher water sprayer out, and got to work giving the bay a clean down. Loads of degreaser , Loads of brake cleaner. Then took a trip to the local hardware store to find the paint that would suit. After about 30 minutes staring at the new Dulux paintrange of all weird and wonderful colours. One paint stood out more than the rest.

Duramax Diamond Finish!
It is basically a clear coat paint, containing extra fine silver glitter pieces! SO COOL!
If anyone is looking to paint an engine bay or even a whole car (LOL!) i strongly suggest finding the new Dulux range at your local. The other colours were amazing too! Glitter blue/Silver/Gold/Green there was other metallics and even a “granite” look paint! 😮

I initially got to work taping the car up with some quality painters tape with a strong edge snap combined with several sheets of plastic. Total cost of this was around $20. But the last thing in the world i need is to ruin the beautiful paint work from Paul !

Layed down several heavy coats of Satin Black enamel trying my best to dodge anything that didnt really need paint.

Followed by a few light misty coats of the Dulux Diamond Finish

I let a day or so pass to make sure the paint was dry and to spend time with Holly and Friends rather than be a hermet working on the MZ11 non-stop. But had the 6M-GE placed in front of the car like the suspensful part of a good movie! HA!

Matt Capp came over to help me figure out the wiring loom. Seeing as Matt was there to help me put the 1GGTE in, it was only natural to have Matt help with the 6M-GE wiring. Plus he loves this stuff deep down! haha!
Here is a picture of the wiring differences between 5M and 6M Air flow meter connectors.

Under dash (glovebox) body harness loom. Many things missing from this picture.

A few custom connections later, and another harness connector from the guys at Triptek Performance (Thanks Mark/Phil)
and we had the starter motor turning the 6M-GE.
However there were major issues with starting. No spark!


Testing went on for hours and as day turned into night. The cause turned out to be the Ignitor / Coil .
For some reason it wasnt throwing any spark toward the distributor!
After multiple tests and assistance from an old mate Rudi (Toymods) we found the coil to be possibly dead! 😦

The next few days I went and saw my friend Clint G who runs a yard in Midvale – Perth, an hour away from my house and collected another coil to test. Wired it up for testing to see if we could get any spark.
12V+ Looked fine across the resistor.

My friend Morgan with the white GZ10 assisted me in testing the coil by holding a spare 5M-GE Distributor and spinning the gear of the Distributor which sends “a signal” out to the coil via a two pin connector. In Turn, telling it to fire.

Everything checked out fine! Sparks were flying !
We replaced the taped up intake pipe and airflow meter with some spare pipe and silicone joins. Ran the cooling system to remove any air. Disassembled the headlights for a good clean and repainted the surrounds.
Dropped the car back to the ground and enjoyed the near Harley Davidson sound of a 6M-GE through extractors to the floor. 🙂

I need some BLACK silicone joiners and someone to make me a stainless pipe from throttle to Airflow Meter.
But the machine runs for now! and looks almost decent enough as is! but again i want to make something as perfect as i can, not “decent enough” I spent too many years cutting corners here and there this time we gotta run it 100% nice.

Interior got placed back together !

Then went for a few drives up and down the street with Morgan 🙂

Big thanks to everyone for your help. Was a great conversion with very minor trouble now i look back on it.
Cant wait to get a really nice exhaust made, Im thinking 2.5 inch from the twin collector on the extractors. Through a small muffler or resonator around mid way, then from the axel back a twin 1.5 inch stainless shotgun. I hope to make the raspy buzz sound ive wanted for so long!

More updates soon!



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