Its been a while: Welcome to 2013

Well its been a while since I’ve updated this blog.
9 months have gone by in a flash! Ive really got used to my new fly-in fly-out job up in the Northern parts of Western Australia. On my time off, i generally don’t use a computer as i have so much to do that involves going outside and not sit on my ass in front of a screen! Hence, the no updates!


Ive got a chance now to post up whats been happening over 9 months of life.

The Cresta going great! … I ended up putting in BC coilovers which i picked up brand new for $1200. They have a load of adjustability which is cool for street daily driving. with 12kg front at 8kg rear the same as the MA61 setup. I just drop the dampener a fair bit for comfort.

IMG_20120616_154214IMG_20120616_165922Cresta CarparkToyota GX71 Cresta coFF33 dash

I placed in some Pioneer TS-X15II ‘s to the rear shelf of the GX71 Cresta, They are 100W so they sound pretty good (not all old and tinny!) and not only that…

Cresta Speakers Pioneer TS-X15II

They light up at night !

Cresta carpark 2

During July i realized that due to work commitments and my general annoyance towards the way drift is being run in Perth i sold my JZA61 Celica Supra.
It was tough to let the best, most reliable 1JZ-GTE ive ever seen.. go…. However, it was for the best!
Currently a gent “Nathan B” in QLD owns the car and is enjoying the fruits of my and many others labor.

JZA61FrontsideJZA61 RoadpicIMG_20120924_120335

After I sold the JZA61, Holly and I decided to throw a 1GGTE into her MA61. So i picked up a cheap score from a friend!
1GGTE – Gen 3 from a GA70 Supra! came with everything we needed to put it in, and lucky for me i had some spare GZ10 mounts sitting in my shed!
Hollys GA61 runs great now! after installing some bigger AU-Ford Falcon fans, just as i did in the JZA61 to keep the temps down!
HollySupra1GGTEHolly coFF33 Supra Celica GA61 MA61 1GGTE

I scored some Enkei HR385’s which ive wanted for SUCH a long time. I saw them in 2006 when my friend MattAE86 had a set. We test fitted on my first Cresta just for some pics (SEE NOSTALGIC THREAD)
Enkei HR385 Soarer Supra Cresta coFF33 drift Blog

After spending a day getting some new rear tyres for them, i popped them on the MZ11 !
MZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style Blog

I then spotted someone “wrecking” a MZ11 Soarer on “Gumtree” which is a local internet site , similar to Craigslist.
I went to check it out and ended up buying the entire interior and a new bootlid !
After a heap of hard work and sweating it out i managed to remove all the Tan brown interior and replace it with black!
Then i got to work on the Bootlid! Which also turned out awesome ! πŸ™‚
MZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style BlogSoarer interiorMZ11 Soarer coFF33 Drift Shakotan Style Blog

As you can see, not a heap has happened , but enough to warrant a post πŸ™‚
I do miss the drift car sometimes. But being debt free and saving for some travel to Thailand and U.S.A this year will be worth it! .

Ill try and update again sooner than 9 months thats for sure!



5 thoughts on “Its been a while: Welcome to 2013

  1. I read about your CelicaSupra builds for a while. I have my JZA61 build waiting in the garage. Stupid question came straight after seeing this post – why did you sell your ZJA61? Got bored with it or it was so expensive to maintain?

    • Hey Michael,

      i sold the JZA61 as i was no longer getting time to get on the track!
      its being enjoyed in QLD now, and getting the hard driving it deserves. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hey,

    I love the cars, I have a built JZA61 too. I would like to know what chin spoiler you have on these cars? I have beennlooking for something like what you have for years now. Any info you can provide would be greatly apperciated.


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