Back in the game!

Wow what a break!

Sorry about the no updates (i have been getting your emails)
I recently was blessed with a job working up north of Western Australia for a company called Fortescue Metals Group, Who mine iron ore to send away to china!

Ive been doing week on week off swings and due to missing a week of normal life in Perth i have a lot to do and catch up on when im home for my week. This meant the blog had to suffer.

But im starting to find my groove now and i think ill bring this up to speed with whats been happening over the last month or so.

The Cresta sat for about a week after my last update, I found the struts for the bonnet at my local auto store (Odin Auto parts), they fitted perfectly. I then found a spare rack boot i bought back in 2009? for the Z20 soarer, Which fit like a charm. Threw it all together and went to the pits. Easy ………

$140 later and a 1 hour drive with a 3 hour wait. I failed.

The report said :
1. Rack end on drivers side has play
2. Numberplate lights were not functioning
3. Bonnet Latch was not completely latching (easy to pop up the bonnet by hand when fully closed)
4. Middle rear seatbelt required !

So i fixed up all these issues in about 24 hours and went back for round 2

This time i was there for only 1 hours for a re-inspection ,, $60 later …………….

I’d won the game!

Of course , Dim sum in our own VIP room at Dragon Palace in the city, With Holly, Kev, Munners, Ben Parrott, Nicole, Loch (Hollys bro whos moved here from NZ! 🙂 ) to celebrate!”

Popped some MA61 springs into the rear with the already existing bilstein shocks. and Ryobi’ed 1.5 coils from the front springs.
Threw on my housemates Volk Mesh 15x7j / 7.5j  -/+ Zero. To roll around on until the money starts rolling in from my job!
Coilovers are on the way.

Went on a cruise, with my mates Dan and Josh, GX71 Chaser , JZX71 Cressida. Good times!


More updates when i get back to normal life and the coilovers arrive!


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