Big red

Seeing as im STILL waiting on a windscreen for the X71 Cresta, i thought id clean up the paint on the Soarer, Hollys brother Loch will be coming over from New Zealand to Perth to live for as long as he can stand the heat… and ive decided to let him borrow the MZ11 for as long as he needs it. He’s a Toyota mechanic by trade so hopefully he will take good care of it, and if any problems occur, its an easy fix to take it to his workshop.

Anyway, Holly and i got to sanding the car on Saturday, 80grit , 120grit, 280grit paper with our random orbital sanders, Rust Kill paint is VERY hard to remove and where the “cracks” or “peeling” was on the bonnet and roof sections, even harder!
Saturday peaked at 40 degrees c, around 10/11 am in which we were in direct sunlight in the driveway because the garage was full of “project” cars of my housemates and we couldnt use it.

After heaps of sanding we were done around 4pm . We were tired as hell but had to push on. We taped the car windows and bumpstrips and badges etc. And put paper all over the glass.
Prepped it up for painting which i was going to complete on Sunday morning bright and early.

Sunday morning i got up around 7:30am to get started, after a Rockstar and a few Cigarettes to steady my hands i got to work. One more wipe over with prepsol and it was go time!


Before you comment saying “is that rust on the bootlid?” , YES, yes it is. Reason being is that its a spare bootlid i have put on while im repairing my original. The amount of rust in 99% of Z1 series soarer bootlids is just crazy. Same as the MA61 celica supra’s hatches rusting out. The MZ11 has suffered the same fate.
So while i figure out how to fix my original with my wing, Its the spare for a little while (im already missing my wing 😦 )

While I waited for the paint to dry, which being rustkill was going to take ALL-FRIKKIN-DAY. Holly, The usual crew of Munners, Kev, Nicole and Ben Parrott, and I all went to a different Dim Sum place in a suburb called “Warwick”

This pic makes me so hungry. I want to smash 20 pork buns in my face.

After the paint was all dry i took the car for a drive, as id actually missed it all weekend, haha . This is at Hollys house. Holly and I were so pleased with our efforts!!

Clay my housemate thought the paintjob was so good that he blessed my car with a sticker that ive been rocking. Thanks Clay!

Hopefully in the next 24-48 hours i hear from the Windscreen guys, so i can FINALLY get the Cresta driving! .

Updates soon.


3 thoughts on “Big red

  1. Clever idea with the killrust, looks excellent considering how quick/costly it is.
    Im assuming you did this to the mz11 before, how long did it last before it started going bad?

  2. hey coff, ivan here. did you use entirely rattle can killrust gloss on the car? no clear coat over top?? it comes out looking brilliant in the photos!
    loving the gx71 very very good pick up….

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